A spokesman for the Louisiana State Police announced La. Troopers Dakota DeMoss and George Harper have been fired from the department. The two officers are directly linked to the death of Ronald Green and beating of Antonia Harris. DeMoss and Harper were both arrested and charged with a variety of offenses for using excessive force.

According to The Advocate, there is an internal investigation of Troop F in Monroe, looking into a misconduct and bias against Black suspects. The deadly arrest of 49-year-old Ronald Greene occurred in 2019. The LSP originally reported Mr. Greene died after crashing his S.U.V. into a tree. It was later revealed he was brutally beaten, tasered, and kicked to death after body cam footage worn by a trooper on the scene showed the shocking truth. Greene died in police custody, and his family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit accusing the state police of covering up his cause of death.

Leaders of the LSP announced the same troopers and a third, Jacob Brown, brutally beat Antonia Harris in a second incident in May last year. In that case, Harris reportedly led the troopers in a chase in Franklin Parish, but gave up after police flattened his tires. He exited his vehicle and complied by lying on the ground. DeMoss, Harper, and Brown deactivated their body cams, according to the LSP, and proceeded to use "excessive and unjustifiable force during the handcuffing process."

It's unclear if Trooper Brown will be fired or if other arrests are on the way. We will do our best to keep you posted. In the meantime, a separate criminal investigation into the troopers’ actions is ongoing in both cases. For more details, click here.

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