Ty Dolla $ign has officially released a full track list; cover art and a final release date for his forthcoming album Campaign. The album, which was originally slated to be the soundtrack of the summer, will now be (according to Ty) “the soundtrack of the campaign.” It looks like Ty is taking somewhat of a political approach and perhaps he’s seeking to establish some influence on the presidential campaign.

Dolla kicked things off the summer with the release of his single “No Justice feat. Big TC”. He paired the “No Justice” track with a powerful music video that would set the tone for the political theme of the LP. The rapper told Complex that he and his crew chose to make a cell phone music video, released directly on Instagram, out of respect to the millions of people who've received devastating news of police brutality via social media. The imprisonment of Ty’s big brother TC was also the inspiration behind Campaign. Ty’s recent trip to the Democratic National Convention motivated him to continue using his platform to raise awareness in light of the many social injustices.

It looks like the album will feature a guest appearance from Future and Minister Louis Farrakhan is also expected to appear on the album in a spoken word skit.

In a statement, Dolla explained, "It just made me want to go harder with spitting this real s---”, the rapper said. “Like my song ‘No Justice’. Being a vessel for God to spread the word. Letting people know the world is real and there are some real issues that shouldn’t be issues in 2016. We all have Intsagram and Snapchat and Twitter and we all know that simple idiotic thing(s) like racism is the lamest s--- in life. For all this s--- to be still happening today, bugs me. There is no more slavery and gay people can get married. There shouldn’t be any f---ing racism period. We’re all good. Love is Love.”

Check out Ty’s full track list and cover art for his Campaign album below.

  1. $Intro
  2. $
  3. Campaign (feat. Future)
  4. $$$ (Where)
  5. 3 Wayz
  6. Juice
  7. Zaddy
  8. Hello
  9. R&B
  10. Stealing
  11. Clean
  12. My Song
  13. Pu$$y
  14. No Justice (feat. Big TC)
ty-Dolla-Sign-Campaign-cover-art1 (1)

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