While serving in Afghanistan, 24-year-old U.S. Marine Alex Minsky lost his right leg after stepping on a roadside bomb in 2009.  He spent 47 days in a coma and suffered traumatic brain injuries and severe burns to his body from the explosion.  Now, he's turning heads as a new underwear model.



Move over David Beckham, this Marine is bringing sexy back!  Listen to his amazing story.

He's an American hero, who like many suffered from depression and turned to alcohol to cope.  However, Minsky is proof that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  He fought his way back recovering from brain damage, stopped drinking and started working out.  As seen here in his tighty whities, it's paid off.


Now Minsky is showing off the results of his daily four-hour workouts as an underwear and fashion model.  He also posts updates to his Facebook page and serves as an inspiration to other people with disabilities.  By the way, if you wanna have a bod like his, you gotta know his secret first.

Alex says, it's avocados.  "I eat them all the time," he said. "I like wolf it down really quick, with usually egg."