This just in -- Mariah Yeater's initial attorneys have dropped her as a client!  Could this be a sign that her story is just that ... a story?  Well, you know I got the latest.  By the way, as previously reported, Justin's camp said that they plan for him to take a DNA test as soon as he returns to the states.  Well, he's back!Word has it, he's suited and booted.  Ready and willing to take the test, clear his name and turn the tables on his accuser.  It's about to go down people!

MTV TRL With Usher, Jessica Biel & Cherish

Usher's lil bro got himself in a little trouble.  Unfortunately, he was arrested for domestic violence.  James Lackey, a.k.a. J-Lack, has been getting his shine on in the music biz for a minute now by making a name for himself as an accomplished producer.  So, this can't be good for his image, especially being the brother of one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.



ZUNE's Official Birthday Party Celebration for George Clinton

Funk legend Sly Stone of Sly and The Family Stone has had a long history of drug use, and sadly, it's catching up to him.  He found himself on the other side of the law earlier this year and pled no contest in court Tuesday.  Tune into "Tha Wire" to get all the details.  Also, The Velvet Teddy Bear, Ruben Studdard, is calling quits with his marriage to Surata Zuri McCants.

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Celebrities Attend The Lakers Game

Are Diddy and Cameron knockin' tha boots or what?  US Magazine seems to think so, even though both entertainers have denied any relationship.  Nonetheless, according to reports, Diddy and Cameron are supposedly a new item and things are allegedly heating up.  The two have been seen out on the town on a number of occasions.  Most recently, according to eyewitnesses, the two were "inseparable" and didn't seem to care who was watching.

US Magazine is reporting the two have been kicking it for quite some time.  Allegedly, they've been hooking up on the low-low since 2008, and they're just now going public. Meanwhile, the 42-year-old Combs is supposedly still dating his model/singer girlfriend of three years, singer Cassie, 25.  A source close to the music mogul joked, "Diddy's single whenever there's a better offer on the table!" Ouch!

Any who, in other Diddy news, he will give the eulogy for Heavy D at a private funeral tomorrow.  Why Diddy? Well believe it or not, Heavy was the guy who convinced Andre Herrell to hire Diddy as an intern at Uptown Records back in the day.  If it weren't for Hev, Diddy wouldn't have the career he has right now.  Diddy said about the upcoming eulogy, " He was a wonderful human being, who inspired and paved the way for a hip-hop generation.  We were like brothers. I will miss him more than words can express."

Rev. Al Sharpton is also scheduled to speak at the memorial.  BET is going to honor the late MC at the Soul Train Music Awards which airs this month, check your local listings for the dates and times.