When it comes to setting trend with music back in the nineties, then you should be familiar with the name of Andre Harrell. He is the founder of the Uptown Records label that was the home of Jodeci, Mary J Blige and Heavy D and The Boyz, This was one of the biggest labels for our generation of hip hop and r&b.

He was also the first person to give an opportunity to a guy who alot of folks know by the name of Puff Daddy. Puffy was an intern of Uptown Records and also rose up in the ranks and really helped to mold the style and image of Mary J Blige and Jodeci. Here is Andre talking to the crew from The Breakfast Club to talk about what he's doing now.

Andre Harrell talk with The Breakfast Club:


Here is one of the uptown classics where all of the artist who were signed to the label came together for this joint.

Uptown Records- "Uptown's Kicking It":

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