Justin Bieber is the most famous teen on the planet, which is a blessing and a curse, if we may be so bold as to get all ‘Spider-Man’ about his predicament. The singer is adored and worshipped by teenage girls the world over, but he also has to deal with things like being accused of impregnating Mariah Yeater.

The baby mama drama has been a roller coaster for The Biebs, with the suit being dropped, then reignited, with him having to submit to two paternity tests. So when TMZ caught the ‘Never Say Never’ singer’s mentor Usher at the airport earlier this week, they had to ask his opinion on the matter.

Usher, who was traveling and in a rush, offered a simple statement about The Biebs’ pregnancy issue. “It comes with the territory,” the singer, who performed his holiday collab with The Biebs on the ‘Today‘ show last week, said matter-of-factly.

It’s true that golddiggers trying to capitalize on one’s fortune and public figure-ness is a pratfall of fame, but at least Bieber has a wise pop star like Usher to advise him on such matters.

Watch Usher Talk Justin Bieber’s Paternity Drama to TMZ

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