There are certain things hiring managers are looking for on a good resume' for a prospective employee. Among those things are education, experience, communication skills, and now vaccination status. The education, the experience, and the communication skills are a no-brainer but now as the country and the world come out from under the coronavirus pandemic vaccination status has taken on an important role in the hiring process.

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A story in the Wall Street Journal from August of this year found that 70%, that's almost 3/4ths of all hiring managers they surveyed prefer to hire an employee who has been vaccinated. According to the story, the vaccination status allows a prospective employer to know that employee is willing to step up to protect their own personal health and that they are concerned about the safety of others.

The Wall Street Journal piece went on to say that many hiring managers are simply not considering a resume' that doesn't address the issue of vaccination. Now just to be clear, an employer cannot legally ask you about your vaccination status. But, if they never call you in for an interview because it's not noted in your paperwork then their liability is completely removed.

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Liability is another big issue why hiring managers are seeking vaccinated employees to fill out positions in their workforce. Companies are also concerned about lawsuits that might stem from the vaccinated versus non-vaccinated debate. In other words, most businesses that can afford to hire you do not want to hire a problem.

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The Wall Street Journal story also noted that job seekers are using vaccination status as a way to make themselves stand out against other candidates. Many of those seeking employment have added their vaccination status to their profiles and sites like Linkedin.

So, if you are looking for a job or a better job, you might want to consider adding that vaccination status to your portfolio. It's just one more reason for a prospective employer to consider all of those other reasons that you are perfect for the job that you're applying for.

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