Vanessa Bryant has filed suit against four Los Angeles Sheriff's deputies for sharing unauthorized photos of the helicopter crash that killed her little girl and husband. The loss of Gianna, her daddy NBA legend Kobe Bryant, and several others is traumatic enough. To add further pain and trauma, the department is accused of sharing photographs of the wreckage. This, Mrs. Bryant says in court docs, is a gross violation of privacy exposing the vulnerable state GiGi, Kobe, and other crash victims met their tragic deaths.

Wednesday, Kobe's wife took to her social media page and listed the names of deputies Joey Cruz, Rafael Mejia, Michael Russell, and Raul Versales as the main culprits exchanging to the photos. According to the Bryant civil suit, Deputy Mejia was among the first to arrive on the scene on January 26, 2020. Deputy Mejia is accused of taking photos of the horrific scene on his personal cell phone and sending the images to the personal cell phones of Cruz and one other deputy.

Kobe's wife filed a civil lawsuit against Sheriff Alex Villanueva and his department last year in September, citing the following: invasion of privacy, negligence, and violating the 14th amendment. According to E! online, Mrs. Bryant is requesting all deputies face trial by jury.

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