A Houston Astro's Minute Maid Park vendor was caught in a restroom stall dropping a deuce (the act of defecation), all while the snow cones he serves in the stadium were in the stall with him. And the appalling incident was caught on a cell phone video!

According to Fox Sports South West, A food vendor who works for ARAMARK, has been fired

after cell phone footage caught the man laying a tray of snow cones on the ground while going to the restroom on Monday night.

ARAMARK is in charge of food vendors at Minute Maid Park.

Upon hearing the news via a Houston NBC affiliate, new President of the Houston Astro's, Reid Ryan released a statement stating,

"The Astros were notified immediately by our partner ARAMARK of the incident involving a vendor on Monday night. We commend the swift reaction displayed by ARAMARK of terminating the employee immediately upon learning of the incident that evening."

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