Well if you don't take anything else from this, you have to know that protesting works. After weeks of petitions and celebrities talking about the show "Sorority Sisters". Not the mention the countless amount of advertisers cancelling their schedules. It seems the show that "Love and Hip Hop" creator Mona Scott created is coming to an end.


If you are a fan of the show then this Friday night will be the final night to catch the show kicking off around 10:10 pm with the last 3 episodes playing  back to back. There have been countless of people who have spoken out about the show portraying sororities in a negative light. Of course there are those who love it and watch it religiously, but this Friday will be the finale. Mona Scott has not come out to talk about one way or the other. But there are plenty of folks who are and the reviews are not in a positive manner. This basically show that there is power in the people and if you don't agree with the portrayal of African Americans on television or movies then do something about it. Of course Mona is behind a few shows that are not the most positive and of course she is not the only person behind these type of shows. But this is a major start and time will tell whether or not there will be any future changes to her production or others.


K- Michelle Speaks out on the Sorority Sisters TV Show:



Sorority Sisters Tv Show:

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