Waka Flocka Flame is extending an olive branch to Gucci Mane—or at the very least, is ready to receive one from his one-time friend.

In a new video posted to Instagram Monday (Nov. 12), Waka opens up and explains how as the new year approaches, he doesn’t want to move forward handing onto any past anger, beef or smoke. He then addresses Gucci specifically, saying the ball is in his court and he’s ready to have a one-on-one conversation and work towards ending their conflict, which stretches back at least half a decade.

“We was young niggas, man, with dreams and we really succeeded but this game changed us,” Waka says in the video. “We finna take this shit back. From the big homie, I’m telling y’all first. Aye Gucci, nigga let’s sit the fuck down. All that playing over. You know how to get me, big dog. You call me, nobody else.”

As fans know, the relationship between Waka and Gucci has soured over the years. Last year, Waka declared that he will no longer be talking about his falling out with Guwop and that the two will never be friends again. However, almost a year later, it appears as though the former collaborators have some unfinished business to attend to.

Gucci Mane and Waka’s beef dates back to 2012, with Waka citing that their tension began after his best friend was killed. In 2013, Gucci announced he dropped Waka from 1017 Brick Squad Records, which led to their beef becoming a highly publicized one.

At the time of this report, Gucci has yet to respond to Waka Flocka Flame’s latest peace offering. See Waka Flocka Flame’s new comments in the clip below.

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