Wale is one of those artist who has had a longstanding career and has really helped propel a few careers in his time. He is who I like to call the modern day LL Cool J where he has really catered to the ladies with his music.

However this latest video is really opening the eyes of many of us in the world. The video shows what the world would be like if our counterparts had the deal with racism, bad laws and injustices. Check out the video below of Wale and Kelly Price with Sue Me.

Wale ft. Kelly Price- "Sue Me":

This video also sheds the light on inmates in prison having to deal with the Covid-19 plague and not being cared for as those of us who are free. As a matter of fact check out a post from Wales personal instagram of how the video created change.

I have to commend Wale on always being creative and dropping jewels as always.

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