I want to give major props to Ward 3 Marshal Nate Keller, who is literally putting his money where his mouth is. I remember talking to him when he was campaigning, and he mentioned that he really wanted to work on doing some things in the community.

One of those things was bringing the community in on the Sheriff's office diversity training. I believe this could really be a move in the right direction, and I would love to see more local departments follow suit. There is a need for trust and respect on both sides when it comes to working with law enforcement. Obviously, we have all seen what's been transpiring all over the country, and we demand and expect a change.

Consultant Flint D. Mitchell, PhD is helping pull off this task and hopefully create the relationship that is needed for all to feel heard and safe. There is a problem, and it's not just here in Lake Charles. It is all over the country. There is a need for those patrolling our neighborhoods to actually have residence in our neighborhoods. I feel like this could help create a safe space, as well.

I am excited about this initiative and am all for assisting in any way I can.

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