When it comes to selling and serving up alcoholic beverages, you can never be too sure of how old someone may be just by looking at them. It’s always best that you card (id) them, because you don’t want to lose your job for selling alcohol to a minor. That would be bad for you and the owner/owners of the bar or store you work for. They don’t want to fined, and/or shut down.

In the video above bartenders of different ages and experience were asked to guess the age of several people to determine rather or not they were of legal drinking age. Some of the bartenders were pretty far off in their guesses, and one nailed most of them on the head. But the most important lesson is to always card your customer.

I know many people who get angry when they are carded in the store to buy alcoholic beverages, but it doesn’t bother me at all. For several years I was licensed to sell alcohol and tobacco products as a grocery store cashier. On top of that, when I’m carded it makes me feel younger that what I am. It’s a good feeling when someone isn’t certain of how old you are and feel the need to id you. I’m usually prepared when they ask, and get a bit disappointed when they don’t ask. My full beard doesn’t always give it away, after all, my 15-year-old cousin has a full beard.

Watch the video above and see if you can guess the ages of the participants of the study.

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