I am not ashamed to say that I am not a fan of driving or being a passenger over bridges. I don't avoid them, but I don't really like bridges either. For others, crossing over bridges can be a terrifying experience. Some people have panic attacks and anxiety and can even become hysterical whenever they are in a situation where they have to drive over bridges.

These people have an actual medical condition called Gephyrophobia. The fear of bridges and driving over bridges. I feel their pain because we have some pretty scary bridges in Louisiana! The I-10 bridge in Lake Charles is one of them. Diving over this bridge on a sunny day is unsettling, let alone during heavy rainfall or slippery black ice in the winter.

It's no fun, especially when you got no choice but to do it. Watch as the new truck driver crosses the I-10 bridge. He called on God, his mama, and everyone else as he panicked up and down the bridge.

Now that was funny! At the same time, that is how the I-10 bridge can make you feel sometimes. I wouldn't say I like driving over the Baton Rouge bridge, either. The bridge moves, and I hate that! It can be terrifying when you are stuck at the top in traffic, and the thing starts bouncing up and down. Seriously, it's enough to make anyone a little nervous.

Phobia of bridges stems from the fear that the bridge will collapse, that an accident will happen or that you can fall off the side. It's a legit reason to be afraid. Thank God it has not collapsed, but so many accidents and vehicles have fallen off the side of the I-10 Bridge over the years that it's not even funny.

Watch as this woman realizes she has to cross a bridge. Though her reaction was hilarious, she wasn't laughing. The poor lady was genuinely scared and started praying at the top of her lungs, asking God to help her get across the bridge alive without causing an accident. Have you been in this situation before? I have during bad weather and probably sounded just like her!

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