Now in Week 2, we are trying to find out who has the best Boudin in Louisiana. We are off to a great start and began this poll with well over 100+ locations Since then, those listed with less than 6 votes each, were dropped from the poll.

Now we have the Top 20 list! Let's keep it going until we end up with an overall winner! We wanna know, what is your favorite place to buy Boudin In Louisiana?

Boudin is one Bayou State cuisine you can get just about anywhere from specialty mom-and-pop meat and sausage stores, certain sports bars, and most convenience stores and gas stations. It's delicious, you can feed a lot of people without making a mess and it is made in million flavors.

How do you like it by the link, balls, smoked, regular, or spicy? Folks come far and wide to get Louisiana's main comfort food, Boudin. We are on a quest to find out, who makes it BEST!

Based on your votes, a few locations will be eliminated each week until we end up with the Top 5 favorite places for sure. Again depending on the voting, we may even end up with a clear front-runner! So, let the voting begin!

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