It's almost Spring time and that means it's time to do a little maintenance on the house, inside and out. Yeah, believe me, this isn't something I look forward to either. But if we don't do it, who will? Besides one or two little home maintenance projects now, means saying yourself big bucks later.

Our homes have weathered winters' icy rain, heavy winds, snow, and cold temperatures. With Spring just around the corner, the folks at and have come up with a few great tips to help us get our homes ready for Spring rains and Summer's scorching temperatures.


 1. CLEAN YOUR GUTTERS -  Remove all the pine needles and leaves and get your gutters ready for those April showers. Winter debris can cause your gutters to overflow and, cause the siding to rot from water damage.

2. CHECK CAULKING - Inspect the caulking on doors and windows inside and out to ensure the cool air stays in and not outside.

3. CLEAN YOUR AC - This should be done regularly to ensure your unit is running properly. Get a pro to come and clean your coils and remove the dust and dirt accumulated during the winter months.

4. INSPECT YOUR ROOF - For obvious reasons, make sure you don't have damaged, missing shingles or any leaks before the wettest months of the year.

5. CLEAN YOUR CHIMNEY - Now is a good time to blow out those fireplaces. Clean out all the highly flammable soot on the in and possibly install or repair damage.

6. GET YOUR YARD READY - Get your rake to get up all the dead leaves, twigs and dead voilage. Vertilize the grass, or get a yard man over to clear out twigs, branches, and various debris.

Those are just a few tips the March Must-Dos. Click here and get more helplful tips to get your home Easter and Spring Break ready.

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