Ironically, the newest host of Jeopardy after the record achieving success of Alex Trebek is no more. If you hadn't heard the latest host Michael Richards has resigned as the host while still maintaining Executive Producer credits for the show. There are recent allegations of harassments and discrimination that has been aimed at the one day host Michael Richards. Obviously this takes the search for a new host back to the drawing board. Former star Malim from Blossom is going to be hosting some of the special night features, but there is someone that I think truly deserves a chance at being the new permanent host of the show.

That person is nonother than former Reading Rainbow host LeVar Burton. This man has literally helped to raise and contribute to not only my life, but the lives of so many other. If you alive there is literally not a chance that you haven't caught an episode of Reading Rainbow. As a child and even on into my early teen years this man made us all excited about reading and going to school to talk about what we saw on the last episode.

Now Levar has already audition for the role of new host for Jeopardy , but the powers that be decided to choose Mike Richards. While I don't know much about him or his past. What I do know is that the results seemed to be pretty inspiring and looking up for Levar's chances as host. Many who are like myself remembered him as someone we grew up with and honestly it seemed like the ultimate fit for the legend Alex Trekbek who hosted the show since 1984 until his passing in November of last year. He was actually contracted to host through 2022.

Other than the fact that Levar is an actor, he record has been rather quiet and you don't see a lot about his life, nor his family. If we are going to really continue to legacy that has been created, I would love to see them choose Levar Burton as the permanent host of Jeopardy. I can see myself in my older age sitting back and watching him and telling my grandkids how much he truly influenced my life. So what do I have to do to get this man in the hosting chair for Jeopardy? This is my choice and I don't see it any other way.

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