There have been several celebrities lately who have basically suggested that taking baths is not of priority to them and for some their kids. Recently Ashton Kutcher, his wife Mila Kunis, and Jake Gyllenhaal have all been in the spotlight lately for their takes on taking baths and their reasoning of having germs on your body.

According to a Cleveland Clinics article, here are several reasons why you should bathe from family medicine provider Amy Zack, MD.

  • Bathing cleans your skin while helping you to avoid irritation and sores generally caused by dead skin.
  • Benefits of warm baths improve mental and emotional health
  • Warm baths are also known for soothing muscles and joints
  • Baths also have the benefit of helping to heal wounds

For more details and information about the benefits of bathing. Check out the article here.

I did a post about it on my personal Facebook page and here are some of the comments listed below of some of my listeners' take on bathing and their personal feelings of how they feel about the celebrities who choose not to do this daily.

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For those who missed out on the stories of which I am speaking, Check out the CNN article further discussing Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis's practice of not bathing themselves or their kids every day. For all of the details, check out the post here.

One of the funniest responses that I have seen this week came from megastar Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson that I am still laughing about.




Obviously, there are pros and cons. Sure, there are germs that your body needs in order to know what to fight off. You can find out more about there here.

In my personal opinion, there is no other option for me other than taking a bath. First of all, it is not only beneficial for ourselves, but for others we encounter. I'm not sure how a person can wake up and possibly only wash their faces and go the entire day around people and not thinking to take a bath. Maybe that is rich people speaking or maybe they know something that we don't. But until there is a scientifically proven reason that is acceptable to me, I think I will have to say that this guy here is running to the bathroom, twice a day, especially with the current state of the world that we are living in.


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