Tha Carter IV is well on its way to a million-plus in sales, and Lil Wayne is selling out stadiums everywhere -- the "I Am Still Music II Tour " has landed!  I was lucky enough to catch a leg of the tour.  The line-up was crazy -- Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Lloyd, Keri Hilson, Ace Hood and The Far East Movement. 

2011 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

Plus, special guests like Game, Bun B, Trey Tha Truth, Corey Gunz and the Young Money Crew.  I must say, it was simply off the chain!  Lil Wayne is very smart.  He performed for at least 2 hours straight and gave us everything we came there for and then some.

Speaking of which, he really takes his artistry seriously.  He puts everything he's got into his performances.  By the way, Weezy thanked us several times --from our support for buying his album to being his fans--  and gave us his heartfelt gratitude for showing him so much love through the years, saying "There's three things ya'll need to know about me. 1. I believe in God.  2. I ain't **it without ya'll and 3. I ain't **it without ya'll".  Gotta love it!

However, there is one thing you don't want to do at a Lil Wayne concert.  As a matter of fact, there is also a way to get yourself "un-fanned."   Yeah I know it's not a word, but it's not often that an artist tells you they don't want you as a fan anymore, that they don't care if you never buy their music ever again, or ask security to show you the door and kick you out of their show.   Unless, they're the greatest rapper alive.....Lil Wayne.

Check this video out and see how Wayne goes in on a rude fan.  PARENTS USE CAUTION, THIS VIDEO IS EXPLICIT AND HAS PROFANITY IN IT.  Wait for the ending, and see how the crowd reacts!


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