For 20 years, Louisiana has had a Democrat governor, from 1877 to 1980. Likewise, for 24 years, Republicans have held the governor's office from 1976 to 2020. Both parties took the seat back and forth throughout the decades. Many of the Louisiana Governors have served more than one term. The current Governor, John Bel Edwards (D), is one of them. He was first elected in 2015 and re-elected in 2019.

This November, his term will end. Governor Edwards was first elected in 2015 and re-elected to his second term in 2019. Several candidates want to win his seat. Saturday, October 14, 2023, voters will decide who is suitable for the job. That is one of the main reasons why this election is vital. EVERY registered voter, young and old, needs to show up to the polls. Governor Edwards is endorsing former Louisiana DOTD Secretary Dr. Shawn Wilson (Das his successor.

Other front-runner candidates running for Louisiana Governor are Jeff Landry (R)Hunter Lundy (I), and John Schroder (R.)  Louisiana voters to decide on a new candidate to lead our state.

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Despite the long list, some clear front-runners have pulled ahead of the pack. These four candidates have established substantial campaign momentum and media attention in making their run for Louisiana's next governor. Dr. Shawn Wilson (Dwas endorsed by Governor John Bel Edwards, Jeff Landry (R)Hunter Lundy (I), and John Schroder (R.)

Voters across the state will decide on various city and state government seats and municipalities, Police jurors, local judges, Parish sheriffs, constitutional amendments, and more. Below is a look at what will be on the ballot for Calcasieu Parish voters to decide on:

Lieutenant Governor

Elbert Guillory  - Republican
"Tami" Hotard  - Republican
Willie Jones  - Democrat
(Incumbent) William "Billy" Nungesser  - Republican
Bruce Payton  - Independent
Gary Rispone  - No Party

Secretary of State

"Gwen" Collins-Greenup - Democrat
"Mike" Francis  - Republican
Amanda "Smith" Jennings  - Other
Thomas J. Kennedy, III  - Republican
Nancy Landry  - Republican
Arthur A. Morrell - Democrat
Clay Schexnayder  - Republican
Brandon Trosclair  - Republican

Attorney General

Lindsey Cheek  - Democrat
"Marty" Maley  - Republican
"Liz" Baker Murrill  - Republican
John Stefanski  - Republican
Perry Walker Terrebonne  - Democrat


John Fleming  - Republican
Dustin Granger  - Democrat
Scott McKnight  - Republican

BESE District 7

Cathy S. Banks - Republican
Kevin M. Berken  - Republican
Erick Knezek  - Republican

State Senator 25th District

Mark Abraham - Republican
Josh Lewis - Democrat

State Senator 27th District

Jeremy Stine - Republican

State Senator 30th District

Mike Reese - Republican

State Representative 32nd District

Dewith Carrier - Republican

State Representative 33rd District

Les Farnum - Republican

State Representative 34th District

Wilford Carter Sr. - Democrat
Kevin Guidry - Democrat
Franklin Lewis Sr. - Democrat

State Representative 35th District

Brett Geymann  - Republican

State Representative 36th District

Philip Tarver

State Representative 37th District

Troy Romero - Republican

State Representative 47th District

Ryan Bourriaque - Republican

District Judge 14th Judicial District Court (ES 1, Div. F)

Sa’Trica Williams Bensaadat  - Democrat
Bobby Holmes  - Democrat

District Judge 14th Judicial District Court (ES 2, Div. C)

Bill Cutrera   - Republican
Brad Guillory  - Republican
Mark Judson   - Republican

Calcasieu Parish Sheriff

"Les" Blanchard  - Republican
Elizabeth Gray Carrier  - Democrat
"Stitch" Guillory  - No Party
Bradley Moss  - Independent
"Mike" Reid  - Republican

Clerk of Court

Lynn Jones (No party)

Tax Assessor

Wendy Aguillard (I)

Terry Welke (No party)

Police Juror District 1

Reath Chauvin- Republican
Darby Quinn - Republican

Police Juror District 2

Shawntel Carter-Willis  - Democrat
Emile Fontenot  - Democrat
Mike Smith  - Democrat

Police Juror District 3

Eddie Earl Lewis Jr. - Democrat
Shelly Mayo  - Democrat

Police Juror District 4

Mack Dellafosse Jr.  - Democrat
Tony Guillory  - Democrat

Police Juror District 5

Brian Abshire- Republican

Police Juror District 6

Ron Hayes - Republican

Police Juror District 7

Chris Landry (No party)

Police Juror District 8

Mary Kaye Eason  - Republican
Emily Fenet-Parker  - Republican
Scott Washington  - Republican

Police Juror District 9

Anthony Bartie  - Democrat
Felicia Frank  - Democrat

Police Juror District 10

Tony Stelly - Republican

Police Juror District 11

Roger Marcantel  - Republican

Police Juror District 12

Judd Bares  - Republican

Police Juror District 13

Joe Andrepont - Republican

Police Juror District 14

Randy Burleigh - Republican

Police Juror District 15

Tony Tramonte - Republican

Town of Iowa Tax Proposal

2.5M Bond - BOC - 20 Yrs. for Iowa Fire Protection Dist. No 1 – Precincts 800, 801, 860S pp, 860E pp Only

City of Sulphur Proposition

Revision of Home Rule Charter – Precincts within the City of Sulphur Only

District Judge 14th Judicial District Court, ES 1, Div. F 

Sa'Trica Williams Bensaadat  - Democrat
Bobby Holmes  - Democrat


Police Juror District 4 

Mack Dellafosse, Jr. - Democrat
Tony Guillory - Democrat

Constitutional Amendments

1.) CA No. 1 (ACT 200, 2023 - HB 311)

Prohibits the use of private funds in the administration of elections.

2.) CA No. 2 (ACT 30, 2023 - SB 63) 

Provides that the freedom of worship is a fundamental right worthy of the highest protection.

3.) CA No. 3 (ACT 107, 2023 - HB 47)

Dedicates certain payments to be applied to the state retirement system unfunded accrued liability.

4.) CA No. 4 (ACT 48, 2023 - HB 46)

Restricts ad valorem tax exemptions for specific nonprofit organizations.


You find out exactly what's on your ballot by visiting the Louisiana Secretary of State website—an excellent voting resource. Whether you need a list of candidates, want to know your voting status, where your polling station is, see election results, or get election day dates, or deadlines, download the GEAUX VOTE APP!

Why Is There A Gubenitory Primary?

Louisiana uses a majority-vote system, which means during the primary (October 14, 2023), all candidates appear on the same ballot. In a primary, a candidate must have at least 50 % of the vote to outright. Once again, a major reason every registered voter must vote.

If no candidate gets that, the two with the most votes, regardless of party, move on to run against one another in the general election. This year's General Election will take place on November 18, 2023.

Election Questions?

For any voting questions, go to, or the Louisiana Secretary of State website,

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