Today is the 1st year anniversary for International Women's Day. This is where we should acknowledge the importance of women. We all came from a woman, our first love was a woman and there is no way that we could make it without women in our lives.

I saw a post from a friend of mine where he stated the obvious. We shouldn't actually have to have this day of acknowledgement. This is something that women should have been getting all along. There should not be an issue of one gender or race for that matter being more superior then the next. We should realize that we are one and there are plenty of hard working women out there who more then deserve every accolade they receive.

Today it is all about the be bold for change movement whose mission is to help create a better working world as well as a more gender inclusive world. If you get the moment, please let every female who you pass today know how much they are appreciated and pledge to help bring awareness to equal rights for women all over the world.


International Women's Day:

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