One of my favorite comedians in the games is Gary Owens. While I have watched him more then enough on television. I have not had the opportunity to see him live in concert. This Saturday was going to be my chance to finally catch him as he is going to be performing in New Orleans at  the Saenger Theater.

Well this past weekend the refrigerator at the crib stopped working. While the light was still there. There was no freezing or keeping things cool in there. We were already checking around on various prices for replacing it if we had to. I already knew this was going to interfere with plans for this weekend.

We had a guy come over and take a look and found out that the mother board in the refrigerator has gone out and while that's bad, at least it can be fixed. That was great news because at least now we don't have to get a new refrigerator, but it still foils our plans for this weekend. This is where being an adult definitely has its disadvantages, but I'm so happy that I was raised to know what takes priority over things we want to do. So if Gary Owens happens to see this post and wants to hook a brother up with some tickets and maybe a room for the night. I am all for it. However with the way his career is taking off. We'll get the chance to see him in 2019 for even more big things to come.

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