When the pandemic hit the world, it truly affected many in the radio community. Many of my peers and friends were displaced job wise and had to rethink their futures for themselves and their families. I can honestly say my crew here was blessed, for the most part. Many of us were able to continue to do what we love to do and be able to continue to inform our listeners and friends.

Fast-forward to August, and locally we were hit with another doozy. Hurricane Laura hit our city and a month later we were hit with another whammy with Hurricane Delta. This made it even more impossible for many of us to do our jobs efficiently. This is where we had to improvise and really take things into our own hands to make it work.

When radio first started back in the day, if we even thought about doing a show from on the road or from our homes, it was almost impossible to do. Thanks to modern technology, that's not so much the case today. All I need is a good laptop, reliable internet, and a microphone. This has allowed me to really stay consistent with my listeners and do work for some of my clients in various places while being a little inconvenienced.

That is all I need to get things done, and thankfully we are on the road to bouncing back. I am back in the studios to make the magic happen. Just know that I am prepared. Regardless of the situation, I 'll be there.

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