I am a loyal watcher of the reality show My 600 LB Life, where there are regular people who deal with weight issues. While the show is very serious and is not a laughing matter. When I saw this video, it spoke volumes to me. There have been several times where I watched the show and thought to myself that I could be there in their place on tv.

Some may argue but I really feel that being overweight is a disease that some deal with and others don't. You can go on different diets and lose weight, but the battle is keeping it off. I ran across this video of a Louisiana native Darien Standifer who did a funny video of what happens when you watch the show. While it does give a humorous spin on the show, this is something that a lot of us deal with and should make us be a little more conscious about some of the decisions that we make about what we put in our body. Peep out the video below and shouts out to Darien for showing how this is more real then some believe.

If you have never seen the show for "My 600 LB Life", you may want to watch it. Whether it is you or someone you know who may not necessarily be 600 lb', it could very easily happen to any of us if we continue eating bad things in our lives.


My 600 LB Life:

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