Louisiana has been called alot of things; Sportsman's Paradise, Cajun Country, The Boot, and of course, Who Dat Nation. Yes, after 40+ years, including the infamous Bag Head days, the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl XLIV. And I can tell you that I was very happy that they finally won the "Big Game." I grew up watching Bobby Hebert get punished by defenses, over and over and over and over and over and over and over, watching Dalton Hilliard run into the offensive line, over and over, and Iron-Head Heyward bulldoze defenders. I saw every weekend my dad get excited as the Saints went up and took the lead into the 4th quarter, only to choke and lose. I remember thinking, "Why does he continue to watch them every Sunday?" And that's when I had an "Aha Moment". I saw the light. It hit me like a brick to the forehead. We were watching the wrong team. We should have been watching "America's Team", the Dallas Cowboys. Now, I know some of you will probably want to hunt me down and do me bodily harm, but come on people, it's just football.

In the early 90's, Dallas pretty much ruled the NFC, and for a few seasons, the NFL. I have been a die hard Dallas Cowboy fan as long as I can remember. Now, with that being said, I still like the Saints. As a Cowboy fan, the only time I root against New Orleans is when they play against Dallas and when I need the Saints to lose so the Cowboys can improve their playoff chances. And honestly, that's the way it should be. If your team will be helped by another team losing, you better hope they lose. Now of course lately, there haven't been too many years when Dallas is close to a playoff run, but I am with them anyway.

Now, here's where it gets fun. Being a Dallas Cowboy fan in Louisiana is not easy. With New Orleans being only 2 1/2 - 3 hours away, most people in the area are Saints fans. But where's the love for one of the only NFL teams with 5 Super Bowl rings? I know, I know. "Y'all haven't won a Super Bowl since the 90's." But when the Saints go 10+ years without winning another Super Bowl, I don't want to hear anything. Who Dat Nation can't say anything about just having 1. I'm going to paraphrase a comment I saw a while back on FaceBook about whether Dallas is still "America's Team". Here goes: "If you wonder if Dallas is still America's Team, ask the analysts. People can't seem to keep them out of their mouths. Hate em or love em, people buy tickets, show up, and tune in to watch Dallas every week." That's pretty well said, even though I had to use proper grammar instead of the FB grammar that was originally used.

During my research for this blog, my past 29 years of life, I have a few interesting things. Alot of Saints fans now actually used to like/love the Dallas Cowboys. Most of them jumped ship when Jerry Jones took over. Now, even thought he has more money than P. Diddy, Jay-Z, and Donald Trump combined, (that might not be an accurate statement, I haven't checked the figures), the biggest mistake I heard most ex Dallas Cowboy fans say is when he fired Tom Landry. As a die hard fan, I don't like the fact that Jerry is the Owner, CEO, GM, 3rd string QB, and offensive/defensive coordinator all in one. (By the way, those last two might not be accurate either.)

All that being said, I just want all of Who Dat Nation to understand 1 thing: Dallas Cowboys was and still is America's Team. Enjoy the Gallery. And I hope you see the theme.