Who is Frank Ocean?  One things for sure he is making a huge impact on music.  His music is a different and unique brand of soul.  Its also sometimes complicated and passionate. 


So, who is this cat and where did he come from?  For starters his real name is Christopher Breaux and the 25 year old was born and raised in New Orleans.  Before hooking up with Odd Future he was actually a ghost writer for people like Justin Bieber, John Legend and others.

To date he hasn't dropped an album yet, but he has released a mix tape called Nostalgia, Ultra, which spawn two hit singles "Novacane" and "Swim Good".  PARENTS: Video's contain explicit lyrics.




So is he ever going to drop his debut album?  The answer to that question is YES and hopefully by the end of the year, if not before then.  The album "Channel Orange" and the lead off single is a hot new track called "Thinking Bout You".  Just like the last two, this song has everyone taking notice.



As a extra bonus Frank released this on his tumblr page.  It's possibly the it's the second single from his highly anticipated debut album.  It's called "Pyramids".  Take a listen and see what cha think and feel free to leave your opinions.




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