The Steve Harvey Morning Show is one of the most listened to and requested radio shows in the world. There are plenty of people who tune in every weekday morning to hear Steve and the crew offer comic relief to things going on in the world. They also tune in for Shirley's Strawberry Letter, but everyone knows about the prank phone call with Nephew Tommy.

For years he has made this the staple of his career and it has allowed him to become a vital member of the morning show as well as travel the world with others. Well, get ready because Nephew Tommy is coming close to home and he is bringing some of his comedic friends. Nephew Tommy will be performing at the Julie Rogers Theatre next Saturday, March 19 with doors opening at 7 pm.

Make sure you download the 107 Jamz app and set it up to receive notifications for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the show and somebody may get a chance to win a pair of Front Row Tickets to the concert.

Nephew Tommy And Friends

Ready To Love

Nephew Tommy is not only a comedian on the radio or stage. He is an accomplished actor who is also the host of the OWN Networks dating show "Ready To Love"


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