South Carolina woman sues the Black Ink crew for giving her a bad tattoo, that's scared her for life.

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

New York's Pix11 reports, a woman traveled all the way from South Carolina to have the famous crew from VH1's hit reality show, Black Ink to do a special tattoo for her. According to reports, Asabi Barner wanted Black Ink to do the tat not only because she was fan, but because they specialize with doing tattoo's on black skin.

Now in her 30's, she had outgrown the unicorn and horseshoe tattoos over each breast. Barner said she had them done when she was 18.  To cover them up she wanted Black Ink to replace them with a tattoo that would reflect her new venture into the culinary world.  So she chose a full chest piece with fruits and vegetables and the word, “phenomenal.”

Barner claims she was proud of body, until now.  She is suing Harlem's famous tattoo shop, claiming they did a horrible job and left her scared for life.  Peep her story below in a video from New York's Pix11 news.

Asabi Barns claims even though the Black Ink tattoo was done last year, it still hurts and has ruined her life.  The massive chest piece, she says, left her disfigured with keloids and scaring.

Barner says she went to a plastic surgeon to see if she could fix it  and even consulted with another tattoo artist in her hometown, but she was told surgery would make it worse and nothing can be done.  The Carolina shop told her, that skin was “overworked” in an attempt to bring out a white color in her tattoo.

Asabi Barner is suing Black Ink for an unspecified amount for being reckless, careless and negligent.  By the way to get their side of the story, Pix11 says the reach out the tattoo shop, but couldn't reach anyone.

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