I woke up this morning and came to work to get some things done and get up to date on whats going on with the weather in the area. But something really caught my eyes and this was a headline about an MLB Adam Laroche who plays for the Chicago White Sox.

From the story that I am getting is that he would bring his son with him to work everyday and he also had his own locker in the dressing room. Apparently some of the players may have had some issues or maybe they felt he wasn't really focused on what he was doing due to his responsibilities to his son.

He decided to walk away from 13 million and simply retire. There are definately mixed reviews on this and one would have to ask themselves if you would have made this decision. I can honestly that there are no jobs that would allow this on a regular basis. The fact that they asked him to dial it back meant that there was some wiggle room. But obviously he was stuck on his decision and will be retiring at the age of 36 years old. What do you think you would do

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