There are some things you just can't make up, and this is one of those stories. Seriously, if "America's Dumbest Criminals" was still airing this video would be perfect for the show. KLFY Lafayette reported a female resident used a life-sized, rectangle cardboard box, to block security cameras at a local dentist's office from recording her break-in.

Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office reported that 44-year-old Casandra Kiya Wooten went to the dentist's office after hours to commit her crime. According to the authorities, she drove to the office and parked in front of the entrance, before walking around to the back door of the office.

It's unclear if she brought the box with her or hide it behind the office prior to breaking in, but her next move was hilarious. Security cameras caught it all. Wooten got in a large box to conceal her identity as she walked in the back door! Then ditched box once she got past the camera.

I guess she figured the box was in the way as she went about taking various items because she didn't leave with it. Sheriff Jason Ard reported, “She stayed inside the business for approximately 4 hours while attempting to gain access to the business safe. In the end, she was unsuccessful in that. But, she did manage to grab a few items including an iPhone charger cable, an audio cable, and two Invisalign brace systems.”

Surveillance would ultimately catch Wooten as she left the dental establishment. Unfortunately enough for her, the medical uniform she was wearing didn't offer much of a disguise. So, the dentist's office robber was identified rather quickly, arrested, and charged with simple burglary and tampering with surveillance.

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