A couple of months ago Chance the Rapper threw jabs at major labels during a tour date where he satirized the logos of Def Jam Recordings (Don’t Join Records), Sony Records (Phony Records), Virgin (Villain), and others, and going as far as calling Aftermath Entertainment “Can’t Do Math Entertainment.”

The rapper took to Twitter on Thursday, June 22 to issue an apology to Dr. Dre stating,

There was more, but you can follow him on Twitter to read the rest of what Chance said in regards to his apology to Dr. Dre and Aftermath Entertainment. Now on to what Xzibit had to say to the Chicago rapper.

Xzibit sat down with Variety and had this to say, “These people dissing Dr. Dre, they need to get off their cell phones for about a week and come back to reality. They have no idea. Do what he did and then talk to me.”

The actor/rapper was featured on Snoop Dogg’s 1999 hit “Bitch Please,” so he’s no stranger to the brand and sound Dr. Dre created. Of course he’s going to take up for his friends. X’s response came a day after Chance the Rapper’s public apology.

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