This morning I woke up due to the fact that I had a scheduled session with my personal trainer and all I heard was heavy rain coming down. While this is not unusual during this time of the year, it was hitting the ground a little heavier then normal.

My session was at 7 o'clock and I was really tempted to call him and cancel, but I decided to go ahead with it. As I got in my vehicle to head to the gym, I saw plenty of water coming up to my tail lights and around the sides. I still decided to go on to the gym as planned. My trainer eventually showed up and we did our session. The entire time I couldn't help but to look out of the window and see all of the other cars trying to make it. From the time I got to the gym until I left, it started to rain even harder. There were cars that got flooded out and folks walking in the water with no shoes on. This simply made me say there is nothing like that Lake Charles weather. After my session was over I was stuck at the gym myself for another hour before I could leave. All I can say is when it rains like that in Lake Charles, you have to be prepared. The forecast says that it will be raining the entire week, hopefully not as hard as we can't handle a full week of heavy showers on the streets of Lake Charles. Make sure you are careful out there and bosses be patient when your employer calls and says that they will be late. Check out some photos that I took while I was stranded at the gym.