Those who had the privilege of meeting and/or knowing Pastor Todd Foster during his years in the Shreveport area have to be proud today.

Foster is a Louisiana boy through-and-through, who grew up in South Louisiana and has been ministering across the state. He coached several years at Evangel Christian Academy and was also the pastor at Open Range in Greenwood.

Two years ago, Foster left the state (barely) and started a new church in the small Mississippi town of McComb. This town sits right on the Louisiana-Mississippi border. His church is named The Well, and within two years it has reached capacity. Simply put, this guy brings the goods and he walks the walk just as well as he can talk the talk.

Pastor Foster recently sat in a city board meeting in McComb, where the representatives were arguing and bickering relentlessly over Confederate flags in the state and in the community. Foster left that night feeling the city board needed to hear words of unity and be held accountable. Boy, did he deliver.

His request to speak was granted by the board, and he was invited to come back and speak to them for five minutes and what he said absolutely left them speechless and surely contemplated the state of their board and city overall.

What happened at that meeting has now gone viral, as Foster's speech was posted onto Facebook and has now been viewed over 60,000 times.

His message was so powerful and we hope it resonated with the board during the time of conflict they are going through. He certainly made all of us proud.

You can see his speech in it's entirety below.



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