2 Chainz has just made his way into the beef between Young Thug and Sauce Walka, whether he meant to or not. Thug is upset with Chainz for giving props to Walka on social media and made it clear in the comments of Chainz's post.

On Thursday night (March 28), Chainz posted a video of Walka wearing the 'Chain Reaction' sneakers that 2 Chainz designed for Versace. Walka gives both the rapper and the luxury brand a shout out in the video and Chainz thanked him in his Instagram caption.

"Crazy I ain’t never met @sauce_walka102 but I wanna tell you I appreciate you my nigg!!" he wrote. "Thnx for showing luv !!! You did something a lot of people won’t do !!! Keep on dripping splashing saucing all that shit killa 💪🏿💯 #chainreaction #raporgototheleague Marked on the insole"

Thugger, who is beefing with Walka, took exception to the shout and commented under the post, "When a nigga have a problem with a nigga from your side u shouldn’t ever get in the middle of it dog... real L...." Thugger wrote. "But I understand that dubs fuck with each other and don’t think about niggas situations, And tend think Hoe shit is cool.. some niggas be thinking hoe shit is real shit. fuck outta here."

Thug's issues with Sauce Walka seemingly stem from a previous post Walka made on Instagram, criticizing rappers for using words like "slime." Thugger then appeared to call him out in a comment, as he's known for his use of the word, and Walka responded by saying he'd "pressed" Thug in Houston. In an Instagram Live earlier this week, Thug told fans he'd slap Walka and the Houston rapper responded with a series of homophobic rants directed at Thug.

You can view 2 Chainz's original post and Thugger's response below.

2Chianz via Instagram
2Chainz via Instagram

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