Z-Ro sat down with Sway to talk about his recently squashed beef with Slim Thug and being homeless while actually being signed to a label. I have been saying from back in the day that Z-Ro is one of the most underrated artist out there and a few setbacks is what I feel has kept him from making it as big as he should be.

I have had the chance to interview him on several occasion and whether it's him personally or just dealings with bad management or other issues. He has the potential to be as big as Jay-Z, Kanye West and even Drake if he had the right tracks and the consistent drive as some of the other artist that are a little bigger.


Z-Ro Talks With Sway In The Morning:

Check out some of my favorite Z-Ro tracks and I am hoping that he will get that chance to really get that major market exposure and move to the next level.


Z-Ro- "Women Men"

Z-Ro- "My Money":


Be on the lookout this Friday for the release of all new material from Z-Ro on the new album called "Drankin & Drivin", this seems to be headed in the right direction with new music and a new sound as well.

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