So It has been over a year since I decided to make a life changing decision and give up all foods that contain Gluten. This is a protein that is found in most wheats and flour products and can be pretty irritable towards the body! One of the things that I really had to give up was Pizza, due to the fact that one of the major factors of pizza is dough and well you already know what is contained in dough Gluten.

Well Dominos just annonounced that they will start to make pizzas that are Gluten Free, I really hope that this does not disappoint since as I stated earlier I am a pizza fan. The only thing with this is they are doing it for the Moderate Gluten Sufferers. N ow since I have given up Gluten I have been free from stomach problems, digestive problems and have lost over 70 lbs. I truly feel so much better and healthier. Now do understand that just because something is made Gluten Free, you still have to be very cautious of calories but I will most definately have myself a slice of that good old Dominos Pizza. The rest of these restaurant chains really need to get on the bandwagon since being Gluten Free is a way of life now. Props to Dominos for really stepping up to the plate and looking out for the percentage of us who love great food without the negative backlash!