Alright fellas, here's your chance to score some BIG points with your lady on Valentine's Day.  Trust me if you get one of these gifts, you can't go wrong.  

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99.9% of all women like the same things.  Whether it's a big deal to you or not, the majority of women do care about Valentine's Day.  Don't fight it, breakdown and get your sweetheart a lil something and bring a smile to her face.  It's not rocket science fellas....GIVE AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE!

Here's a foolproof list of the top 10 ultimate gifts to get your lady on Valentine's Day:

1.) Sex.  Yeah, I said sex.  Women love sex as much as men...if not more.  You just need to earn it.

2.) Women LOVE perfume, clothes, purses and shoes.  If all else fails, get her a gift card to her favorite store.  Trust me, we can never have enough.  You get any of these items and YOU WILL WIN!

3.) The ol wine & dine always does the trick.  Take your lady out (even if it ain't your thing) for dinner, drinks and dancing.  Remember, your tryin to earn DESERT.

4.) Diamonds really are a girls best friend.  Depending on the relationship, a little bling ain't never hurt anybody.  Suggestions- earrings, bracelet, pendent/necklace and of course a new ring.

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5.) Flowers, heartfelt card and candy are a winner any day of the week, including Valentine's day.  However, the flowers MUST be red!  Best results- A dozen or more of red roses.

6.) Surprise her.  Step out of your comfort zone.  Do something different.  Example- Set-up a scavenger hunt.  Leave her clues/notes that will lead her to her Valentine Day gift. This will intrigue her intellect and turn her on.  Once again, earning you the cookie you desire.


7.) Take her to get her nails done.  Whether she wears nail tips or not, most woman can appreciate being spoiled.  Splurge a little and treat your girl to a manicure and pedicure.

8.)  Send your sweetheart to the spa/massage.  If you really want to do it big, show her you recognize her daily grind with the kids, work, housework/homework etc.  Give her a day of peace and relaxation.  F.Y.I., gift certificates are just as good.

9.) Believe it or not, the ladies like tech toys too.  Get her a new phone, phone/iPad accessories or Beats by Dre headphones/pill speaker.

10.) This Valentine's Day falls on a weekend, what better way to celebrate than to getaway from it all.  A weekend getaway is the perfect gift.  After all, Valentine's Day is the holiday of love. So love, relax and enjoy a little romance.

There you have it fellas.  The top 10 ultimate Valentine gifts for the lady in your life.

Happy Valentine's Day!