I am a proud animal lover. All my friends call me Dr. Doolittle! I'm cool with it because it's true. Like the good doctor, I also get a little nutty about needy animals, in particular, only because I'm not gonna perform surgery (unless it's necessary). Be that as it may, they say you learn something new daily. I believe that to be true. I thought I was well-versed in the animal kingdom, but it turns out I was wrong. Because I came across some critters recently that I had never known existed, I mean, these guys are downright weird looking!

From deers with fangs and glass frogs to rabbit-like creatures with teddy bear faces and an uncute little creature known as a Pink Fairy Armadillo. Yep! I thought I saw it all until I laid my eyes on these crazy-looking species. See if you are familiar with any of them. Even if you have heard or seen some of them, here is a chance to learn more!

Here are the Top 10 Animals You Never Knew Existed:

1.) The Goblin Shark

2.) Pink Fairy Armadillo

3.) Vampire Deer or Fanged Water Deer

4.) Raccoon Dog

5.) Softshell Turtle

6.) Blue Parrot Fish

7.) Lowland Streaked Tenrec

8.) The Panda Ant

9.) Red Lipped Batfish

10.) The Blue Dragon or Blue Glaucus Atlanticus

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