Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So a good bowl of cereal is a nice way to start off your morning. Now imagine your favorite rapper touting a popular cereal brand. That's the idea behind the Tumblr blog Rappers and Cereal.

From Snoop Dogg to Nicki Minaj to Kendrick Lamar to Jay Z, several different emcees get their own branded box.

So check out 10 Favorite Rappers With Cereal They Love to Eat.

When it comes to having a balanced breakfast, the S-N-double O-P only needs his L-Double-O-P-S. Fa rizzle, my dizzle.

Snoop Dogg Cereal

Before Jay Z rocks his Tom Ford, he gets a bowl of Jigga Jacks so he can stay jiggy in the morning.

Jay z Cereal

Ludacris is one tough cookie on the mic. But when it comes to his Luda Crisps, he's a big softy.

Ludacris Cereal

Nicki Minaj is winning right now, so it's only right that she eats the breakfast cereal of champions. Every morning, Queen Barbz eats a bowl of Weeeezies to start her day. Young Moola, baby!

Nicki Minaj Cereal

There is nothing corny about Tupac Shakur. However, when it comes to cereal, nothing beats Corn Pacs to get you revved up in the morning. Throw your W's up!

Tupac Shakur Cereal

Before heading off to the thrift shop, Macklemore fills his bowl up with Mackle S'Mores, the crunchy chocolate-covered graham cereal with marshmallow bites. Now we know where he gets his energy from.

Macklemore Cereal

Before Drake rocks the mic, he grabs a bowl of Frosted Drakes. The sugar-coated corn flakes contain a good source of Vitamin D (for "Drizzy") and will get you super charged in the morning. They are...Draaaake!

Drake Cereal

Just like Drake, Waka Flocka Flame has love for Tony the Tiger as well. A bowl of Flocka Flakes helps him go hard in the paint. If you're down, then join Waka's Breakfast Squad.

Waka Flocka Cereal

Eating whole grain is important to maintain a healthy diet. So 2 Chainz wants you to double up with his 2 Grainz cereal. It's just different.

2 Chainz Cereal

Rice, Rice, Baby. Vanilla Ice can't get enough of the crisped rice so he had to double it. Add a little extra snap, crackle and pop in your life with this tasty cereal.

Vanilla Ice

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