When it comes to the red carpet, rappers like to show up and show out. From tailored tuxedos to pimp coats with a blinged out chalice to match, hip-hop stars have classed it up and also done their best to let their imaginations run wild at awards shows and the like.

However, there seems to be a part of a rapper's ensemble that people have been ignoring -- their hair. Whether it's cornrows, relaxed, curled or brushed out into an afro, many of these lyricists have not only donned their signature 'dos but also experimented with some weird hairstyles. Remember the cotton candy coif Nicki Minaj rocked during her 'Pink Friday' album promo or Eve's fire engine red short cut back in the day? Those are just a few memorable looks from some of your favorites female MCs.

We take a look back at some other crazy hairstyles rappers have showcased on the stage or red carpet. Inspired by the Food That Looks Like Iggy Azalea Tumblr, we compare them all to plants. Find out whose fade looks more like crop circles and who decided to rock a topiary in 10 Rappers Whose Hair Looks Like Plants.

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