Obviously Louisiana is continuing to dance by it's own music. Believe me I like to have fun with the rest of them, but this one is not something to play with. We are under a pandemic that is causing people to lose their loved ones, jobs and businesses. The Coronavirus has obviously taken over and the cases in Louisiana are rising even more then ever.

While I don't know when things will open up again. I am sure that the curve will flatten soon and hopefully we will be able to resume to our normal schedule. Just in case that happens, here are some things that I look forward to doing for myself and with my family.

Ten things Erik Tee is excited about doing again

As I mentioned earlier I am not looking to rush things. But I am following the guidelines and asking everyone else to do the same so that we can bring back the fun days. Now I am not being delusional, I know that we have some work to do and things won't fully be like it was. But hey a man can wish right?


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