DISCLAIMER: This is not a political post. No one should be offended by it, unless you just hate laughing. If so, then I apologize for what’s about to happen. You might very well giggle. I’m sorry.

I’ve written about my stepson before. He’s kind of amazing, although I might be a little biased. He is undeniably funny, though. That’s just a scientific fact.

First, there was the time he wrote an epic story perfectly describing bad hair days, which was overly dramatic and hilarious. Then, he dropped some sage wisdom on the world in this post and then this other post. He’s basically the world’s youngest 40-year-old man.

As I was driving him back home last night after spending the weekend at his dad’s, he asked about President Trump’s inauguration and how that went. I explained that it went fine, and we have a new president now. Then, just because it’s funny, I told him about the White House Press Secretary’s “alternative facts”. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here.)

I really don’t care much for politics, because saying anything good or bad about one side always send the other side into a tizzy, and then it’s all hate mail and angry comments, and nobody’s happy for at least a fortnight.*

*I don’t actually know what a fortnight is.

With that in mind, please go gently with interpreting the video below as anything other than a joke. The idea of “alternative facts” is just funny to me, regardless of whichever side of the political fence you sit on. And it was funny to my kid, who thought it’d be a good idea to make a joke video about the concept.

He came up with a few scenarios where a mischievous kid might use the idea of alternative facts to his advantage, and this is what happened:

Anyway, I hope this made you laugh on an otherwise normal Monday morning. If it didn’t - if you believe a 10-year-old child is actually providing deep and meaningful commentary on the political landscape of America - then you’re probably overthinking things.

Don’t take it so seriously. And try to have a happy Monday!

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