Danijanay Chretien along with the staff of Washington Marion has created another successful community event. There was everyone in the city from Eligha Guillory, Nowar Fairley, Sean Ardoin, Big Boy Chill, and so many others including myself. The mission was called 100 for 100 and the goal was to pull people out from the city and allow them to partner up with students from the city.

We were all introduced to many people in the area and got familiar with students and faculty from the school. I was lucky enough to be paired with a young lady name Merissa, she's a 3.9 GPA student and when I say she represented today. She went over and beyond and really shined today.

We had breakfast and lunch and attended two classes where we worked with the student that we were paired up and sometimes in a group effort to discuss various topics that could affect the community. It was a learning experience for many of us and gave us the opportunity to sit and have a dialogue with the students and hear about some of their passions in life. I have to thank Mrs. Chretien and the entire staff for inviting us out and please reach out on any future endeavors.


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