I want to personally thank everyone who came out Friday, November 10, and grabbed themselves some free CDs courtesy of the "Big Homie" Erik Tee moving to a new and much bigger office with a sweet view!

There were literally a couple of thousand CDs in the boxes we had parked outside on dollies. Hip-Hop, R&B, Gospel, Blues, Swingout, Zydeco, you name it, it was probably in those boxes. From the latest music to some hard to find classics, and more! As folks walked up to dive into the piles of CDs, Dj TySki and I would put out more onto the two six-foot tables we had set up under our tent.

We surprisingly found some gems ourselves while sorting through the boxes to go on the tables, as well as a few CDs I know Erik Tee couldn't have possibly known were in there. I grabbed those and set them aside for safe measure.

Can't say when we will do something of that magnitude again, but stay posted because you never know when we will set up again!

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