We had a ball Memorial Day weekend with our clients. Now that the mask madidate has been lifted, people took to the stores, beaches, and everywhere else. I was on the road with 107 Jamz, making my rounds to a few events going on in the city.

First up was the West Cal Chamber Fest in Sulphur at the Grove in Heritage Square. It was a wonderful event aimed at helping local businesses get the word out that they are open and ready for business.

Second, was RNR Tire Express at 2870 Derek Drive in Lake Charles. They are probably the only place on the planet where you can get tires for as little as $5 down. The last stop was City Gear on 943 3rd Avenue. Their main building was damaged on Hwy. 14, and while it undergoes renovations, they want everyone to know they are still rockin' with the hottest gear in the city.

We had a ball with all of our clients. Below are a few pictures from our Memorial Day weekend.

Memorial Day Weekday

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