Last Night 107 Jamz was all up in Houston for what is suppose to be the last cd from Z-Ro. The album is called "No Love Boulevard" and appeared online at midnight last night. The event was at a brand new hot spot in Houston called Open Bar and ambiance in the building was lit with drinks for everyone and plenty of H Town celebrities in the building as well.

Big Shouts out to Eden and Big Hev for the invite and the great hospitality for a fun evening. Big Boy Chill and myself got there a little after 7 pm and the building was already packed.The honoree of the night Z-Ro showed up around 8 pm and prepared the crowd for the new album. This is one of the realest albums that he has released and he went through each track and gave a little information about each one.

There are 14 tracks on the album which ended up that way when he decided to add the last track called "He's Not Done" which seemed to be a third persons reaction to him claiming this as his last album. For those of us who have been fans for several years, we don't want to accept it and truly I feel like he will return with more heat. The fans have been supporters since his beginning, so I am sure he won't leave us hanging.



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