2 Chainz took some inspiration from Snoop Dogg to create his latest track. The Atlanta rapper linked up with DJ E Feezy for a brand new single called "Pocket Full of Money." 2 Chainz puts a twist on Snoop's "I got a pocket full of rubbers and my homeboys do too" line from "Gin and Juice" to create a new hook about his money. As you might imagine from the title, this one features the Playaz Circle MC letting everyone know he's living good.

"Half a million on my schedule/All this fucking jewelry like a treasure/Just a bunch of rats chasing cheddar/I think I fucked the same, all that matter," 2 Chainz raps at the top of the track.

There is no word if this track was created for a DJ E Feezy compilation, but 2 Chainz definitely has some more work on the way in 2016. Despite having release the ColleGrove album with Lil Wayne, the former Tity Boi plans to drop another album this year. Last month, the rapper stressed that the new project would more personal than his previous work.

"More in-depth, more feeling, more storytelling. Just some more emotion on this album," 2 Chainz said of the LP. "It is going to be more personal, it’s time for that. I got things that are hard for me to communicate about, but music is very therapeutic for me. I have some things that I just really, really need to get off my chest, and by me not actually having a counselor — the booth is that for me."

It will be interesting to see what this different direction will look like for 2 Chainz. The Georgia native isn't a complete stranger to more substantive content as seen in his music video for "100 Joints."

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