On last week 2 Chainz and Big Sean tasted diamond-infused Vodka, on GQ Magazine's 'GQ’s Most Expensivest S**t.’ This week 2 Chainz and Nick Young take a look at a very pricey pair of ultra-rare Jordan sneakers.

2 Chainz and Nick Young a.k.a. Swaggy P (Iggy Azalea’s boyfriend) stopped into RIF LA, a high-end sneaker boutique in Los Angeles, to check out the store’s collection of rare sneakers. The store even has an exclusive inventory with a pair of Jordan's they claim are worth at least $25,000. You’ve got to be kidding me?!  I’m in the wrong business.

Nick Young A.K.A. Swaggy P stops by RIF.LA with 2 Chainz to check out the store’s curated collection of more than 450 pairs of shoes. The two sneakerheads take a look at the shop’s exclusive inventory, including a pair of Jordans that’ll set you back $25,000 — GQ Magazine, via Youtube

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