Louisiana is known for its food, music, and festivals. The diverse group of people living in the state make up a gumbo of traditions. For example, more men know how to cook than women. In fact, the main cook of the household is usually men. Surrounded by bayous, swamps, rivers, and lakes, there's a whole lot of fishing, crabbing, and shrimping going on in Louisiana.

Louisiana has also had its share of natural disasters, mainly hurricanes. Without question, just about every household along the Gulf Coast has a "hurricane checklist," or "Survival Kit" if you will, of things to bring or do in case we have a storm coming our way or/and an evacuation order has been issued.

Mind you, this checklist isn't so that we don't forget something. It is also so that we will maintain the level of comfort we have become accustomed to should we have to go somewhere else for a spell. For instance, while evacuating a few years back, my friend's husband turned around an hour into the drive up north to get his cast iron pot. It weighs more than 50 pounds empty!

Why? He said, "I forgot to put it on the checklist, but I need it to cook a sauce at the hotel."  Here we are, evacuating to avoid a Cat 4 hurricane, and this man is worried about people (anyone who's hungry) having something to eat! It was then that I realized a Louisiana Survival Kit might be a bit over the top (okay, way over the top) for folks in other states who have to pack up amid an emergency evacuation.

No matter what is going on, there are at least 20 Things Cajuns Can't Live Without:

Louisiana Survival Kit

This list of items is just off the top of my head. This would be packing lite, but it is enough to get us started. What I didn't include were things like cash, important papers, first aid kits, medications, body wash, shampoo & conditioner, clothes, etc. That is only because most people along the Gulf evacuate so often; that stuff is already in a toiletry bag!

Why would we bring all of this? Because we never know how long we have to start somewhere. By the way, this Louisiana Survival Kit also doubles as a Vacation or Travel Checklist! Because every year, we rent a vacation house in Florida, and we tow a trailer with double what is listed above!

Why? Food is expensive. We cook at least three meals daily, enjoy the house and each other, and never go out to eat! So, this list is a lifesaver in more ways than one.

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